MGW Executive Board

The executive board can be contacted at

President: Rebecca Corman,

I am a third year graduate student in Mechanical Engineering and I am the MGW president this year. In the past year, I found MGW to be a great place to meet and get to know my fellow graduate women in MechSE in both social and academic settings. I look forward to becoming even more involved and meeting even more MechSE women this year.



Treasurer: Lana Stekovic,

I’m a second year graduate student in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. I am also the MGW treasurer for this coming year. The enriching and welcoming community within MGW was one of the reasons I joined MechSE. I am excited that MGW fosters opportunities to support and empower MechSE women toward a successful career. I look forward to many exciting academic and social events and meeting more amazing women in our department for this coming year!

Secretary: Ritu Raman,

I am a fourth year graduate student in Mechanical Engineering and this year’s MGW secretary. My experiences with MGW have shown me the value of providing avenues of social, academic, and professional enrichment for graduate women in the MechSE department. I’m excited to be a part of MGW’s network of talented graduate women and look forward to meeting more MechSE women this year!


Social Chair: Patty Weisensee,

picture patty weisenseeI am a third year PhD student in Mechanical Engineering and this is my first year as social chair at MGW. For the last two years I enjoyed the activities of MGW and spending time with fellow female MechSE graduate students. I am excited to be part of the executive board this year and am looking forward to seeing many of you at this year’s MGW events.



Webmaster: Katarina Struckmann,

StruckmannKatarina_400I am a second year Master’s student in Mechanical Engineering and this year’s Webmaster. MGW has made me feel very welcome, and their events during the prospective student weekend were one of the reasons I decided to attend the University of Illinois. I’m looking forward to meeting more members and attending more events, and perhaps inspiring a new class of MechSE women.